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Professions in demand in Germany - GREEN JOBS

Professions in demand in germany - green jobs
Professions in demand in Germany - Green jobs

Are you looking for a job with a future? Then become part of the “green” economy and movement in Germany and contribute to shaping a sustainable world of tomorrow. 🌱 🍀 🌞⁠

The energy transition in the economy is opening up new and diverse career opportunities in Germany's leading industries. International specialists with a strong awareness of and commitment to sustainability are particularly in demand for so-called “green jobs” and the pay is above average!⁠

What do you mean by green jobs?⁠

Green jobs or positions extend across all sectors of the economy, from traditional sectors such as manufacturing, construction and transport to the very recently created jobs in the energy sector. In other words: Green jobs form the basis for a successful energy transition and support climate and environmental protection - sustainably.⁠

People with training in technical and engineering sciences, as well as with a connection to the manufacturing and construction industries, are particularly in demand.⁠

Here are some career fields for guidance:⁠

Engineers (e.g. energy consultants, environmental engineers, designers, developers, engineers - vehicle technology)⁠

IT specialists (e.g. software developers, data scientists)⁠

Craftsmen and craftsmen (e.g. electronics technicians for energy and building technology, heating technology, system mechanics – plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology)⁠

Energy and electrical engineering (e.g. wind power, photovoltaics, solar technology/assembly)⁠

mechanical engineering⁠, Operating technology⁠, Construction industry⁠

⁠Automotive industry (e.g. electromobility)⁠, Agriculture and agriculture⁠

Are you enthusiastic about the topics of sustainability and really want a job in this area? Then contact us and we will show you how you can get such a dream job!

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