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How to prepare perfectly for your interview video! PART 1

How to prepare perfectly for your introduction video

Are you ready to impress your future employer with an introduction video? Here are some tips to prepare:

1. Technical equipment:

Here you can use your smartphone, a webcam or a camera. Make sure the quality is right. Good light is crucial! Make your video during the day. Use the natural light. Sit in front of a window. You can also buy a ring light for a reasonable price, but that doesn't have to be the case.

Test the microphone for clear and clear sound. Avoid hissing or an echoing noise. Your voice should be very audible.

2. Clothing:

Choose professional clothing that fits the job and the company.

Avoid bright colors and patterns as they can be distracting to the camera.

3. Background:

Keep the background clean and professional. A simple background does not distract from the conversation.

Avoid windows in the background to avoid glare. As described in the first point, you should sit in front of a window for natural light.

4. Timing and Length:

Keep the video short and concise – ideally no longer than 3 minutes.

Pay attention to your audience's attention span and be precise.

5. Spoken Language:

Use clear and easy-to-understand language.

Emphasize important points and show enthusiasm for your professional journey.

Prepare well to make a lasting impression!

🚀💫 Stay tuned for Part 2 where we'll discuss what you should say during the video.

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